STEP 6: Connect the Heart

Step 6: Stitching Together the Pieces of your Heart Story


Air – Air between notes

Fire – Within

Water – Carries life and story

Earth – Be present


What does your story sound like?

  • Narrative
  • Natural Sound
  • Music
  • Poetry

*Isolate sound

*Headphones = record what you hear*Audacity


Your elemental story

  • What do you see in your dreams
  • Locate heart through vision
  • Thick visual descriptions – how do you digitally translate them?
  • Interconnected symbology
  • Rhythm, audio should match mood and tone


Family and community archives

  • Recovery: 

Photo albums, family history keepers

  • Re-assemble: 

Community archives

  • Re-claim: 

Owned archives


What does your story look like?

What are the visual images that can illustrate emotions?

Are the images moving or still?

How does your art communicate?

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