STEP 5: Heart-based Land Stories

Step 5:  Mother Earth at the Center

  1. Make relations with the landscapes where your story takes place.
  2. Take time to be silent and calm while you are there – listen and see.
  3. Honor the lands and all things connected with intentional and respectful movements.
  4. Look in all directions and listen to what your heart says about what you see and hear.


Step 5: What Land Feeds Your Story?

  • Interview the landscapes that are connected to your story:
    • What do you see?
    • What is written there?
    • What do you hear?
    • How does your heart feel when you are there?
    • What evidence of life do you see, sense, and hear there?
    • What or who lives there?
    • What or who works there?
    • How does the money flow?
    • How do the waters flow?
    • What do people say about this place?
    • How are living things attached to the landscape?
    • What is important to people who exist there?
    • Why is this place important to outsiders?
    • How is community established?
    • What conflicts exist there?


Air – Air between notes

Fire – Within

Water – Carries life and story

Earth – Be present


What does your story sound like?

  • Narrative
  • Natural Sound
  • Music
  • Poetry

*Isolate sound

*Headphones = record what you hear



Your elemental story:

  • What do you see in your dreams
  • Locate heart through vision
  • Thick visual descriptions – how do you digitally translate them?
  • Interconnected symbology
  • Rhythm, audio should match mood and tone


Family and community archives

  • Recovery: 

Photo albums, family history keepers

  • Re-assemble: 

Community archives

  • Re-claim: 

Owned archives


What does your story look like?

What are the visual images that can illustrate emotions?

Are the images moving or still?

How does your art communicate?

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